Our company was established in 1959; smelting and wrought iron manufacturing and assembly is active in the fields of machinery, mold and spare parts sectors also serves.

For many years, our company has been the main supplier and implementer of the Ministry of Culture and National Palaces. Onur Smelting Designs and products are applied in restoring of our historical buildings by adhering to the values of our history.

12.000m2 closed area with an expert and professional team, quality, aesthetics, durability and customer satisfaction without making concessions from the principles of our company's production, production and assembly process in the process without compromising the necessary seriousness and quality policy.

Onur Smelting Decoration has a respectable position in the sector as a material supplier and project implementer of many projects at home and abroad.

It exports products to many countries abroad (Russia, USA, Azerbaijan, Iraq, UK, Norway, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia).

Our wide range of products is not limited to our catalog.